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Textures To Go is a vast collection of royatly free photographs of texture and other images that are presented in an easy-to-use folder structure. This site map shows each folder of images together with the keywords and description plus the 'cover' image to show the type of images contained in that folder. Click the image or folder name to see thumbnails of all the images in that folder.

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  • aerial views (1)
  • aerial views
  • Aerial photographs, generally these are taken from commercial flights through airplane windows.

    Keywords: aerial, coast, image, photo

    Locations: Australia, Cairns, NSW, from Virgin Blue flight

  • animal images
    • fish (1)
    • fish
    • Fish in their natural habitat.

      Keywords: animal, blue, fish, large, outline, swimming

      Locations: Australia, Cairns, barrier, great, great barrier reef, reef

  • architectural images
    • arches (13)
    • arches
    • Arch, plural arches, a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening often supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it. Different types of arches have been used from Roman times.

      Keywords: Charles fort, abbey, arc de triumph Barcelona, arch, arched, arched niche, barracks, brick, bricked, bricked up arch, bricked-up, building, diamond, disused, dressed, fire, fireplace, fort, furnace, gate, keystone, kiln, lime, lime kiln, military, niche, niche with arch, path, road, rough, rustic, stone, stone arch, stone arches, triumph, tunnel, under road, up

      Locations: A Coruna, Barcelona, Barra, Barracks, Blarney, Blarney castle Ireland, Charles Fort, Charles Fort Kinsale Ireland, Dublin, Gaugane, Ireland, Kinsale, La Coruna Spain, Spain, Timoleague, Trough of Bowland UK, abbey, barra, barracks Dublin Ireland, castle, gougane, ireland, trough of bowland

    • blocks (10)
    • blocks
    • blocks - shaped pieces of stone, baked clay, cement or cement and stone that can be used to build walls or other structures. Often used where a decorative aspect is required or in the case of low-cost blocks such as breeze blocks, where a cheaper construction is needed.

      Keywords: block, blocks, breeze, breeze blocks, buff, gray, grey, painted, pink, red, small, square, stone, wall, yellow

      Locations: Alberta, Edmonton, Ireland, UK

    • brick (19)
    • brick
    • Brick small rectangular blocks made from sun-dried clay or kiln baked clay used for the construction of walls and buildings. May also be made from cement or mixtures of various aggregates and cement.

      Keywords: blocks, breeze, brick, bricks, broken brick wall, cement, headers, long cement bricks, old, old brick wall, pale, red, red brick, red brick wall, rendered, stretch, stretchers, subsidence brick wall, wall, yellow

      Locations: Cork, England, Ireland, midlands, uk

    • concrete (8)
    • concrete
    • Concrete free stock photos of different concrete surfaces, most from upright surfaces like walls.

      Keywords: black, brushed, cement, cement with horizontal lines, cement with vertical lines, concrete, concrete with black and white stone chips, deep, fine, horizontal lines in concrete, lines, prepared, ridged, ridges, sponged, stone, surface, texture, textures, vertical, vertical line pattern in concrete, white

      Locations: Alberta, Canada, Edmonton, Ireland, building, wall

    • decorations images
      • carved stone (3)
      • carved stone
      • Carved stone architectural decorations, reliefs carved into stone. Stone carving have been used by all civilisations to demonstrate ideology and values or to impress illiterate people and demonstrate the value or power of the government or organisation that owns or caused the carving to be done.

        Keywords: Egyptian, adam and eve, bearer, biblical scenes, carved, carving, christian, church, figures, gift, image, magi, man, men, stone, three kings, tree, wall

        Locations: Ardmore, Ireland

      • decorative features (5)
      • decorative features
      • Decorative architectural features a collection of images showing features that form part of a structure but can be considered non-structural in the sense that the building would not fall down if they were absent.

        Keywords: blue, building, building decoration, circles, circular, decorative, department store, disc, discs, disk, disks, finish, plaque, plates, wall

        Locations: Birmingham, Bull Ring Centre Birmingham UK, Portugal, Tavira, UK

    • pebbled surfaces (12)
    • pebbled surfaces
    • Pebbled or pebble-dashed, a British term for a type of exterior wall finish; the wall is coated with wet cement into which small pebbles are thrown or pressed. Often used to cover cheap bricks or breeze blocks used for low-cost construction.

      Keywords: Cement, cement, cement with pebbles, cement with stone chips and pebbles, chips, finish, pebble dashed wall, pebble-dashed, pebble-dashed wall, pebbled, pebbles, pebbles on wall, stone chips on wall, wall

      Locations: England, Ireland, UK, United Kingdom

    • plaster (4)
    • plaster
    • Plaster a mixture of lime, sand and water that is spread on walls, ceilings and other structures that can be smoothed or textured. Plaster hardens and dries to form a durable surface that can be painted or have other surface finishes applied.

      Keywords: bumps, gray, grey, marks, painted, plaster, raised, small, smooth, swirls, trowel, trowel marks, wall

      Locations: unknown

    • roofs or rooves (1)
    • roofs or rooves
    • Roof the uppermost covering of a building or vehicle, usually providing protection from weather. A roof can also be the top inner surface of a cave or similar space. Often finished with overlapping manmade tiles or thin pieces of natural rock such as slate. Roof textures.

      Keywords: lean to, lean-to, leanto, old, roof, roof textures, rusted, shed, tin

      Locations: England, Lancashire, Otely

    • stone (25)
    • stone
    • Stone wall textures, combinations of dressed stone and naturally occurring stone with cement joints, drystone and cement infill. Coloured, colored stones.

      Keywords: Irish dry stone wall, arch, barnacles, black, block, blocks, bridge, buff, castle, color, corner, cut, dressed, dry, harbor, harbor wall, harbour, harbour wall, moss, old, pink, port, random, sea, sea wall with barnacles, squared, stained, stone, under arch showing staining, wall, water

      Locations: Ballincollig, Blarney castle, Blarney castle Ireland, Cork, Ireland, Lancaster, UK, canal, ireland, rural

    • walls (4)
    • walls
    • Walls are continuous vertical structures usually made of brick or stone that are used to separate areas of land and or restrict access. The height of a wall can vary and in some cases walls are built from decorative materials.

      Keywords: brick, bricks, damaged brick wall, dry, mis shaped bricks, mis-shapen, stone, strange, unusual brick wall, wall

      Locations: England, Lancashire, UK, london

    • windows (20)
    • windows
    • Window an opening in a wall to allow light and air into a building, often made weatherproof by a transparent or translucent material such as glass or plastic.

      Keywords: 3, 4x3, Gaudi, apse, arch, arched, art, barred, barred window, bars, bizarre, black, blackened, blocked window, boarded, boarded window, bottles, bricked, bricked up, brocken, broken, building, carved, castle, cill, closed, collection, concrete, crowded, curved, curves, deep snow, dirty, fairy tale house, frame, gable, georian, glass, glazed, gothic, graffiti, grafitti, green, house, iron, iron bars, jars, keystone, magic window, metal, modern, mullion, new, noonan, nouveau, old, old bottles, old jars, ornate, ovoid, panes, picture, pvc, pvc picture windows, replacement, rose, rough, rough sawn timber, rustic, sash, shaped, shop, siding, slit, small, small panes, snow, stone, store, three, tiled, vertical, window, windows, wooden, worn

      Locations: Andalucia, Barcelona, Canada, Cork, Dublin, Elbow, Espana, Ireland, Lancaster, North west territories, Santiago de Compostela Spain, Saskatchewan, Spain, Timoleague, UK, Yellowknife, castle, far, north, rural, santiago, spain

  • artistic images
    • graffiti (39)
    • graffiti
    • Interesting graffiti from around the world, large and small.

      Keywords: B6, LOKO, Percy, SI, ae, ape, artistic, bench, black, black angel, blue, blue and red graffiti, boards, brainwaves, brick wall, brick wall with graffiti, bulb, bulbs, cabinet, carved, cats, close-up, concrete, cow, crude, crude face, demon, demonic, dino, dinosaur, door, dripping, eagle, edmonton, edmonton designated grey wall, enter, face, garage, garage door, garage door graffiti, graffiti, graffiti on fence, graffiti on garage door, green, grey, heart, idea, idea bulbs, ideas, ivy, kittens, kitty porn, kk, kyja, leaves, light, light bulb, look, man, mess, messy, money, moo, mouse, nickers, orange, paint, painted, panties, poor, purple, red, soda, spray, spray paint, spray painted ivy leaves, sprayed, sprayed face, stencil, stenciled, street, syringe, thought bubbles, uflas, vandal, vandalism, wall, white, wood, wooden, wooden fence with graffiti, yellow

      Locations: , A Coruna Spain, Alberta, Canada, Cork, Edmonton, Farranlea, Farranlea Road, Ireland, Mardyke, Road, area, cork, coruna, spain

  • birds images
    • birds in flight (3)
    • birds in flight
    • Flying birds a series of photographs showing birds in flight. Flight is one of the unique characteristics of birds enabling them to move freely through the air from place to place and many species to migrate long distances.

      Keywords: 'flying, 'free, 'gliding, 'images, 'pajaro, 'pictures, 'seagull, 'wings, aves, bird, bird', birds, downstroke, feathers, flight, flight', flying, flying', gliding, gull, juvenile, pajaro, pictures, sea, seabird, seagull, seagull', sky, streamlined, up, up', voliando, voliando', wing, wings, young

      Locations: Ireland, Timoleague

    • wading birds (3)
    • wading birds
    • Wading birds are usually seen on the mud banks of estuaries and feed on the worms and crustaceans that live in the mud. Wading birds often migrate from one part of the world to another to breed in more favorable habitats. The best time to observe wading birds is when the tide is rising, coming in, because then the wading birds are forced off their feeding grounds and onto any available space that remains uncovered by the tide, or onto nearby fields.

      Keywords: black tailed godwit, curlew, curlew on mud, godwit, godwit at water's edge, redshank, redshank on mud

      Locations: Ireland, Timoleague

  • bread and loaves (12)
  • bread and loaves
  • Bread a selection of images and textures showing different types of bread, cooked and uncooked and sliced.

    Keywords: 45, added, bad, bad loaf, baked, bread, bread crust, bread outside, breadmaker, cut, cut bread, degree, failure, from, hand, hand made, handmade, loaf, loaf from bread maker, made, mess, outside, over, over risen bread, poor loaf, poorly, raw, risen, seeds, sliced bread, tin, uncooked, uncooked bread, view, well risen loaf

    Locations: kitchen, studio, studio images

  • chains (8)
  • chains
  • Large chains and chain links. Rusting chains. Corroded chain links.

    Keywords: beach, chain, chain link, chains, corroded, corroded chains, corrosion, huge metal chain, large, large rusty chains, links, long links, long rusty chain link, massive chain, ocean, old chain, orange, rusting, rusty, sand, sea, seashore, ship anchor chain, steel chain, vertical, very rusty chain, wall

    Locations: Ireland, Knockadoon, Knockadoon harbour Ireland, beach, harbor, harbour, sand

  • gears and cogs (1)
  • gears and cogs
  • Gears, toothed wheels and cogs in machinery and equipment. Rusty, painted and different sizes and shapes.

    Keywords: black, canal, cog, cogs, gates, gear, gears, large, lock, mechanism, messing, metal, old, paddle, reduction, rusty, sluice, teeth, tooted, wheel, winch

    Locations: Ballincollig, Ireland, Island, Valencia, near

  • computers-electronics images
    • circuit boards (1)
    • circuit boards
    • Circuit boards are thin sheets of electrically non-conducting material used to support thin electrically-conducting tracks and electronic components to form a robust assembly that can be used in computers and similar devices.

      Keywords: back, board, circuit, connector, front, green, miniature, pcb, resist, small, solder, track, tracks

      Locations: shot, studio

  • cooking (7)
  • cooking
  • Cooking cakes, meals in various states of preparation from ingredients to ready to serve.

    Keywords: Easter, almond, cake, cheese, easter cake, eggs, fried, fried mushrooms, fruit, grilled, grilled cheese topping, marzipan, mushrooms, paste, quiche, teabread, texture, topping

    Locations: countertop, frying, hob, kitchen, oven, pan, pot, worktop

  • dumpsters, skips (26)
  • dumpsters, skips
  • In North America they are dumpsters and get filled with garbage. In the UK they are skips and are filled with rubbish. Recycle containers also shown.

    Keywords: bank, bin, bins, blue, blue paper recycle, brown, clothes, clothes bank, container, deposit, dumpster, extra, extra large dumpster, extra large skip, garbage, glass, green, green recycle glass container, green wheelie bin, khaki, large, looking down on dumpsters, mini, mini skips, papel, recycle, recycle bin, shipping, shipping container, skip, skips, top view, wheelie, yellow

    Locations: A Coruna, Alberta, Ardmore, Canada, City of Edmonton, Cork, Coruna, Dublin, Edmonton, Ireland, Kingsley Hotel Cork Ireland after flooding, La, Spain, calle, espana, spain, street

  • equipment images
    • gears and cogs (1)
    • gears and cogs
    • Gears, toothed wheels and cogs in machinery and equipment. Rusty, painted and different sizes and shapes.

      Keywords: black, canal, cog, cogs, gates, gear, gears, large, lock, mechanism, messing, metal, old, paddle, reduction, rusty, sluice, teeth, tooted, wheel, winch

      Locations: Ballincollig, Ireland, Island, Valencia, near

  • fireworks (27)
  • fireworks
  • Fireworks in the night sky. Images from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Canada Day.

    Keywords: fireworks, fireworks in night sky, fireworks in slow motion, fireworks sequence of images, pink, purple, red, slow motion fireworks, star burst, time lapse fireworks, timelapse fireworks, white

    Locations: Alberta, Canada, Edmonton

  • flags (9)
  • flags
  • Flags of the world in photos

    Keywords: Sweden, blue, boat, canada, canada flag and reflection, canadian, canadian flag flying, cross, eu, flag, flag of canada, flagpole, ireland, launch, ottawa, quebec, quebec flag, red, reflected, reflected canadian flag, republic of ireland, sea, ship, sky, swedish flag, yellow

    Locations: Canada, Ireland, Ottawa, Ottawa Canada, Sweden, Valencia, Valencia Island Ireland

  • fungus (19)
  • fungus
  • Fungus, mushrooms, toadstools, fungi in grass.

    Keywords: brown fungi, cap, caps, dripping, eaten fungi, fly agaric, fungi, fungi dripping ink, fungoid mass, fungus, grass, green, ink, ink cap, lots of fungi, mass of fungi, mushrooms, open fly agaric, orange, poison, poisonous fungus, red, shaggy ink cap, single fungus in grass, toadstools, white, white ink caps, young fly agaric

    Locations: Canada, Cork, Edmonton, Ireland, Lancaster, Nicky, Nicky Nook Lancashire UK, Nook, UK

  • gunge-mess images
    • paint (3)
    • paint
    • Gunge textures of paint, various messy combinations of paint in different colours on board and other media. Generally messy subject.

      Keywords: blue, gunge, mess, paint, searchtest, smeared, smeared blue paint on white, white

      Locations: UK, studio

  • ice and snow (2)
  • ice and snow
  • Images of ice and snow

    Keywords: bike, bikes, bikes in snow, ice, machines, newspaper machines in snow, snow, street, textures, vending, vendor

    Locations: 82nd, 82nd Ave Edmonton, Alberta, Ave, Edmonton, Whyte, whyte ave Edmonton Alberta

  • insects images
    • butterflies (16)
    • butterflies
    • Butterflies, insects with two pairs of large wings, each covered in tiny scales, usually brightly colored (coloured) and having two antennae. Butterflies have antennae ending in a swollen or club shaped tip, moths have feathery antennae.

      Keywords: antennae, boards, brown, butterfly, butterfly with closed wings, closed, clubbed, comma, comma butterfly, damaged, flower, gray, grey, leaf, old, peacock, peacock butterfly, peacock butterfly on rock, purple, ragged, resting butterfly, rock, side, small, tatty, thistle, tortoiseshell, view, white, white admiral, wings, worn

      Locations: Alberta, Canada, Elk, Elk Island NP Canada, Ireland, Island, Kinsale, Lancaster, UK, Uk

    • caterpillars (2)
    • caterpillars
    • Caterpillars, the larvae or butterflies or moths. Caterpillars have segmented soft bodies with three pairs of real legs and several pairs of leg-like projections. Caterpillars may have hairs or spikes and be brightly coloured or camouflaged to match their food plants.

      Keywords: black, caterpillar, caterpillars, green, orange, spikey, spines, spots

      Locations: Emerald lake Canada

  • keypads (5)
  • keypads
  • Keypads and entry control devices with and without CCTV surveillance cameras

    Keywords: buttons, camera, cctv, control, door, entrance, entry, gate, keypad, speaker

    Locations: , Cork, Ireland

  • manholes (11)
  • manholes
  • Manholes, large metal covers usually set in highways, roads, pavement. Large enough for a man to gain access.

    Keywords: cast, cover, manhole, metal, patterned, rectangular, round, round metal cover, square, square metal cover

    Locations: Estepona, Spain, espana

  • manmade images
    • coins (6)
    • coins
    • Coins made from copper, bronze, silver and gold.

      Keywords: 3d, 5, brass, coins, copper, crown, euro, euro cash, euros, farthing, five shillings, queen, shillings, silver, silver three pence, threepence, victoria

      Locations: studio

    • gravestones and similar (2)
    • gravestones and similar
    • Gravestones and other monuments

      Keywords: celtic cross, celtic pattern, grave, gravestone, headstone, memorial

      Locations: Ardmore, Ireland

    • mechanical images
      • carbide lamps (8)
      • carbide lamps
      • Old brass cycle lamps from the UK, powered by acetylene. The top section is a water tank, a control lever allows water to drip onto calcium carbide in the base. The acetylene gas is produced and directed through a pipe to a jet where it burns with an intense white light. Calcium carbide is getting more difficult to obtain. Similar lamps are used by cavers, making caving supply shops the best source.

        Keywords: acetylene cycle lamp, acetylene lamp, bike, brass, brass acetylene cycle lamp, brass carbide lamp, calcium, calcium carbide lamp, carbide, carbide lamp, carbide lamp for caving, caver carbide lamp, cavers lamps, caving, caving acetylene lamp, caving lamp, cycle, cycle lamp, for, lamp, old carbide lamp, pre-war

        Locations: studio images

      • engines (15)
      • engines
      • Old steam engines to modern internal combustion engines. The Velosolex was the original French engine that fitted onto a bicycle and powered the front wheel by friction. Very effective, but not so effective in snow. The quintessential French mode of transport in nostalgia.

        Keywords: 530, carburetor, crank case, crankcase, cylinder, cylinder head, engine, fins, fire door, flywheel, fuel, head, knc, knc 530, magneto, number, plate, round, rusty, rusty steam engine, serial, serial No, steam, tank, tube, tube plate of steam engine, velosolex, velosolex engine

        Locations: Blackpool, England, UK

      • pumps (6)
      • pumps
      • Pump a device for moving a fluid, in this case water pumps of the type that were installed for public use before piped water became available.

        Keywords: air, blue, handle, open, plinth, public, pump, red, shadow, square, town, water

        Locations: Eire, Eyres, Ireland, Kinsale, rural

      • special tools (1)
      • special tools
      • Special tools ranging from screwdrivers to heavy pneumatic hammers and drills that can be attached to heavy construction equipment such as excavators.

        Keywords: drill, pneumatic, road breaker, wrecking tool

        Locations: Ireland, construction, construction site, site

      • steelwork (5)
      • steelwork
      • Steelwork mechanical fabrication used to support buildings and equipment, usually heavy, may be riveted, bolted or welded together. Can be encased in brick or concrete to provide additional strength or protection.

        Keywords: bolts, brace, bridge, brown, corner, cycle, cycle path, flange, high-level bridge, nut, nuts, nuts and bolts, path, pedestrian, pedestrian walkway, plate, revetted, riveted, rivets, shadow, shadows, steel, steelwork image free, steelwork pictures, strength, support, walkway

        Locations: Alberta, Canada, Edmonton, high level bridge

    • noticeboards (3)
    • noticeboards
    • Noticeboard a place where adverts, notices or things of general interest are placed, they may be in public places or private places.

      Keywords: adverts, closer, miscellaneous notices, mosaic, notices, view

      Locations: Alberta, Canada, Edmonton

    • paper money (5)
    • paper money
    • Paper money, euros showing details. There are restrictions on images that could be used to print your own. Governments like to keep the business of printing money to themselves - not that they are any more responsible with it that others.

      Keywords: 10, 5, cash, detail, euro, notes

      Locations: studio, various

    • photography (13)
    • photography
    • Photography - a selection of photographic equipment from the last 50 years.

      Keywords: 50mm, aico, aico range finder for camera, camera, camera range finder, cell, circle, equipment, filter, finder, front, hot shoe range finder, lens, mobile, olympus, phone, photo, photography, prime, range, range finder, rear, round, s-85, s85, single lens reflex olympus, slr, sony, sony dsc-s85, top, view

      Locations: Studio, images

    • surface_textures images
      • painted (5)
      • painted
      • Painted surfaces are coated with a thin layer of paint, this consists of resins, pigment and other materials that react with air to form a hard permanent layer that can be protective, decorative or both.

        Keywords: faded, gloss, green, matt, paint, painted, peeled, peeling, peeling paint, peeling paint red and green, peeling paint texture, peeling red paint, red, rough, sand, surface, weathered, wood grain

        Locations: Clonakilty, Clonakilty Bay, Clonakilty Bay Ireland, Ireland, bay, bench, seaside

      • wood, woodgrain (4)
      • wood, woodgrain
      • Woodgrain is the textures seen on the cut surface of wood. When wood is cut across the grain a series of concentric circles or ovals is seen formed by the alternating summer and winter growth of the tree from which the wood was cut. When wood is cut along the grain a series of wavy lines and patterns is formed where the growth rings of the tree are cut.

        Keywords: aged, aged paint surface on wood, brown, decayed, faded, gray, green, grey, old, old wood with paint, paint, very faded paint, wood

        Locations: Canada, building, old

    • storage tanks (1)
    • storage tanks
    • Cylindrical metal vessels used to hold liquids and gases

      Keywords: cylinder, tank, vertical

      Locations: Cork, Ireland, Lee, Valley

  • misc images
    • dead bodies (64)
    • dead bodies
    • Just what the title says, a selection of photos of dead animals, road kill and what the cat brought home.

      Keywords: animal, auto, badger, bag, barbed, bird, bird remains, black, bleached, bodies, body on barbed wire, bone, bones, brown, bumblebee, butterfly, butterfly in spider's web, car, cat, cat and bird, cat and magpie, cat and rabbit, cat brings supper, cat kill, cat killed shrew, cat kills bird, caught, dead, dead badger grass field, dead badger in green field, dead bird, dead butterfly, dead frog, dead hare, dead lizard, dead magpie, dead magpie chick, dead mouse, dead pigeon, dead possum, dead rabbit, dead seagull, dead shrew, dead wren, death, dessicated, dessicated frog, dragonfly, dried, dried frog, entrapped, field, flattened, fledgling, frog, fur, grass, gray, green, grey, grille, hare, hen pheasant, highway, kill, killed, killer cat, lizard, magpie, magpie chick, mouse, otter, pavement, pavement dead, pavement death, pelt, pheasant, pigeon, possum, rabbit, remains, road, road kill, road kill bird, road kill hare, road kill pigeon, road kill possum, road kill rabbit, road killed hare, roadkill, roadside death, sea, sea otter, seagull, seal, sheep, sheep bones, sheep skeleton, shoe, shrew, skeleton, skin, small dead bird, snow, snow shoe hare, snowshoe hare, squashed, squashed animal on pavement, squashed bird, squashed mouse, starling?, teeth, trapped, unidentified, vehicle, web, what the cat brought home, what the cat brought in, what the cat dragged in, wire, wren, young rabbit

      Locations: Alberta, Canada, Edmonton, Eire, England, Espana, Ireland, Lake, Lancaster, Mitchener, NZ, New, New Zealand, Roberts cove Ireland, Spain, UK, Zealand, district, highway, lake district, lakes, road, roadside, spain, street, uk

    • excrement, feces (23)
    • excrement, feces
    • Droppings of various animals, cow pats, plop, shite, shit, crap, animal excrement turd turds terd terds muck filth faeces feaces feces merde

      Keywords: aged, animal, animal crap, animal excrement, animal pooh, animal shit, bison, brown, bull, bullshit, butterflies feeding on animal dropping, butterfly, butterfly feeding on excrement, butterfly on terd, carnivor, coggle, coggles, cow, cow pat, cow pattie, cow terd, crap, deer, dropping, droppings, excrement, excrement with berries, fresh animal droppings, fresh excrement, fresh shit, grass, hairy, hairy excrement, maltesters, more, pat, pattie, plop, pooh, poop, scat, scats, sh1t, sheep, shit, shit on plank, shite, shite in grass, small, terd, terds, turd, turds

      Locations: Alberta, Ardmore, Canada, Elk, Ireland, Island, National, Park, boardwalk, highway, island, pavement, plank, road, west coast

    • garbage, rubbish (9)
    • garbage, rubbish
    • In N America it's garbage, in parts of europe it's rubbish, here are images and photographs of garbage and rubbish.

      Keywords: bed, bedding, blocks, by, concrete, concrete blocks and garbage, cork, double, double bed, dumped, garbage, garbage in parking lot, garden, highway garbage, ireland, ireland dumping, overflowing garbage, refuse, refuse overflow, road, roadside rubbish, rubbish, rubbish dumped by road, rubbish in car park, textures, textures garbage

      Locations: Cork, Estapona, Ireland, Lee Valley, Spain, Spanish parking lot, aparkamiento, car park in Spain, espana

    • packing material (6)
    • packing material
    • A supermarket carrier bag weights approximately 7 grams, but a non-return no deposit milk bottle holding just one litre of milk weights 32 grams. Why is anyone concerned about bags when so much more goes into non-return bottles?

      Keywords: aldi, aluminium, baking, beer, black, bottle, box, can, container, egg, etienne, extruded, food, greek, milk, pack, packaging, plastic, polythene, potato, sainte, spud, tesco, tray, yoghurt

      Locations: studio images

  • natural images
    • fruit (8)
    • fruit
    • Fruit - under ripe, ready to eat, over ripe and rotten, it all makes good texture and backgrounds. Frutas comestibles de ciertas plantas, aqui los tiene.

      Keywords: ciruela, ciruelas, display, fruit, galia melon, green, mango, mangoes, melocotones, melon, melon close up, melon skin, natural, nectarine, nectarines, pale green melon, peaches, plum, plums, purple, red, rojo, shop, store, yellow

      Locations: A Coruna, Espana, La Coruna, Spain, studio images

    • lichen (23)
    • lichen
    • Lichen a simple, slow-growing plant that typically forms a low crust or rosette, often on rocks, walls, and trees. Lichens are composite plants made up of a fungus that contains algal cells that do photosynthesis. They are classified according to the funus. Lichens take water and nutrients from the atmosphere and can be sensitive indicators of atmospheric pollution.

      Keywords: bark, black, black and yellow lichen rosette, black lichen, blue, blue green, blue-green, blue-green lichen, circular, crust, gray, green, grey, lichen, lichen on rock, lichen rosette, lichen trees, moss, orange, orange lichen, orange lichen on rock, patches, rock, rock with lichen, round, slow growing lichen, spreading, substrate, tree, yellow

      Locations: Canada, Cork, Field, Ireland, Jasper, Near, Rocky, ireland, mountains, near

    • plant images
      • plants on walls (1)
      • plants on walls
      • External walls, with coverings of plants of other interesting coatings

        Keywords: ivy, ivy on wall, ivy without leaves, plant, wall, wallcoverings

        Locations: Ardmore, Ireland, St Declan's Well Ireland

    • rocks and stones (4)
    • rocks and stones
    • Rock and stone textures. A series of natural textures of stones and rocks in their natural states.

      Keywords: black, chipping, chips, colored, coloured, crushed rock, gray, grey, pebbles, pink, red, rock, seaweed, shells, small, smoothed, stones, water, water worn pebbles' beach pebbles

      Locations: Ireland, Irish beach, beach, garden, ocean, path, seaside

    • beach, seashore (3)
    • beach, seashore
    • Seashore textures and patterns, formed by the sea or ocean water and wave action on the beach or sand, or by animal action such as birds' footprints.

      Keywords: action, beach, bird footprints, bird tracks, by, footprints of birds on wet sand, sand, sculpted, sculpted sand on beach, seashore, textures, wave, wave action sculpted sand, waves, waves in sand

      Locations: beach, ocean, seachore, seashore

    • sky (11)
    • sky
    • Blue sky around the world showing different intensities and colors.

      Keywords: blue, blue sky, clouds, dark blue sky, dull blue sky, murky blue sky, pale, pale blue sky, pale sky blue, pink, pink clouds, pink clouds in blue sky, sky, sky and nothing else, sky faro, sky portugal, uplighting, uplit

      Locations: Canada, Canada sky, Canadian sky, England, Faro Portugal, Lancaster, Portugal, UK

    • sky plus (16)
    • sky plus
    • Sky with birds, clouds and moon, aircraft condensation trails. Clouds cumulus altostratus cirrostratus cirrus griffon vulture. Cirrostratus clouds are thin, generally uniform clouds, composed of ice-crystals, capable of forming halos. They are usually located above 5.5 km high. Cirrostatus is a mis-spelling of Cirrostratus.

      Keywords: Cirrostatus, aircraft, bird, bird flying free, bird in blue sky, bird in sky, blue, blue sky white cumulus clouds, blue sky with bird, blue sky with cloud and moon, blue sky with high white clouds, blue sky with sheep clouds white, cirrostatus clouds, cirrus, cloud, clouds, con, condensation, cumulus, dawn, dawn sky, flying, flying raptor, free bird flying high, gratis, griffon, high, high cloud, image of bird flying high, mixed, moon in blue sky, morning moon, picture of high flying bird, pink, sky, sky grey clouds photo, sky with gray clouds image, stork flying high, stratocirrus, trail, vulture, white

      Locations: Cork, Doñana national park, Doñana national park españa, Doñana national park spain, England, Ireland, Lancaster, UK, donana, doñana, españa, national, park, spain

    • sunrise, sunset (4)
    • sunrise, sunset
    • Sunrise sunset the time when the sun first appears above the horizon and finally falls below the horizon. Best observed at the coast or from a vantage point where there are no obstructions on the horizon. The sun rises in the east to open and enliven the day and sets in the west.

      Keywords: Tropical, cityy, dawn, fiery sunrise, horizon, morning, ocean, pillar, prairie, sea, sunrise

      Locations: Alberta, Canada, City of Edmonton, Edmonton, Espana, Spain, Torrevieja

    • trees images
      • tree bark (30)
      • tree bark
      • Tree bark the outer hard woody covering on a tree.

        Keywords: Douglas, Douglas Fir bark, Fir, after, bark, bark on cork tree, brown, bumps, close up, coconut, color, colour, concentric rings, cork, cork harvest, cork oak bark removed, cork tree, cork tree after harvest, cork tree after harvesting, cork tree bark, creeper, cut, deep, deep furrows, deeply furrowed tree bark, distorted, eucalyptus, fissured, fissures, furrows, gray, grey, harvesting, how cork grows, jagged, jungle, knobs, leaf, leaves, light, light brown, like animal skin, like elephant skin, line, moss, mossy, natural, noddules, oak, orange, pale, palm, parasite, pattern, rain forest, red, scars, spiral, split, strangled, strangling fig, stripped, tree, trunk, twisted, vestigial, vine, wavy

        Locations: Andalucia, Australia, Cairns, Canada, Ireland, NSW, NZ, New, New Zealand, Queensland, Spain, UK, Zealand, espana, forest, jungle, rain forest, spain

      • single trees (11)
      • single trees
      • Structure of trees, this shows photographs of single trees where possible, or small groups of trees, in a way that highlights the structure of the tree, showing particularly the overall shape of the tree.

        Keywords: bare, blue, coconut, coconut palm structure, coconuts, dead, dirt, earth, farm, field, fronds, hawthorn, hillside, hilltop, large, large pine tree, leafless tree, no leaves, ocean, palm, parkland, parkland tree, pine, ploughed, prepared, sea, single, single large tree on hillside, skeleton, skeleton tree, sky, snag, summer, tall, tree, tree shape, white, wind sculptured tree, wind shaping of trees, windswept, winter

        Locations: Alberta, Arnside, Arnside Knott UK, Australia, Canada, Cork, Ireland, Lancaster, Leicestershire, Muckross, Muckross House Ireland, NSW, UCC, UK, house, ireland, midlands, parkland, spain

  • nautical images
    • flotsam, jetsam (8)
    • flotsam, jetsam
    • flotsam and jetsam are the things that are either washed overboard and lost from ships or are jettisoned from ships, no prizes for guessing which is which.

      Keywords: beach, blue, boat, concrete, debris, fishing, floaters, flotsam, garbage, green, mono-filament net, monofilament, net, netting, nylon, ocean, on beach, orange, polypropylene, rope, rubbish, sea, stones, string, tide, washed up, weights

      Locations: Ireland, beach, fishing, foreshore, ocean, port, sands, sea, shore

    • rope (6)
    • rope
    • Rope a strong, thick line or cord, often made from twisted or braided strands of fibres such as hemp or flax which are now almost entirely replaced by polypropylene, nylon or other man-made fibres. Technically a line of circumference less than one inch is a cord, and more than 10 inches is a cable.

      Keywords: blue, cord, cut, fibers, fibre, gray, grey, rope

      Locations: Garnish, Glengarrif, Ireland, Island, harbour, local

  • postboxes, mailboxes (22)
  • postboxes, mailboxes
  • In North America and Canada these are mailboxes, or mail boxes. In the UK post and postboxes. Also included different colours (colors) from different countries. In England and the rest of the UK posting boxes are red, in Ireland green, in Spain yellow, Portugal red.

    Keywords: GR, Ireland, Ireland posting box on telegraph pole, Spain yellow Correos post box, UK, box, brick, brick enclosed post box UK, double, espana, freestanding, graffiti, green, ireland, mail, mailbox, mounted, office, portugal, post, post office, postbox, posting, red, side, side view, side view of posting box on pillar UK, single country postbox on pillar, small, small post box mounted on telegraph pole, spain, stone, uk, view, wall, yellow

    Locations: A Coruna Espana, Ballincollig, Co, Co Cork Ireland, College, Cork, Dublin, Espana, Estepona, Faro, Faro Portugal, Ireland, La Coruna Espana, Lancashire, Lancs, Otely, Otley, Portugal, Road, Robert's, Roberts cove Ireland, Santiago de Compostela Espana, Spain, UK, cove, uk

  • road-highway images
    • road cones (4)
    • road cones
    • Highway cones of various designs from around the world

      Keywords: collar, cone, cones, construction cone, highway, notice, orange red cone, pavement, plain, red, red white cone, reflecting, reserved space, road-highway, road-highway cones, tarmac, wedding

      Locations: Cork Ireland, Ireland, Lancaster, UK, Williamson Park, europe

    • gratings (11)
    • gratings
    • Rectangular, round, oval and unusual shaped metal and other gratings and access points. Larger metal covers big enough for a person to fit through are in a different section.

      Keywords: broken metal cover, concentric circles, drain, grate, grating, gratings, grid, gulley, highway, highway drain, highway grating, metal, metal cover, metal drain, oval metal grating, rainwater, rainwater gulley, rectangular, road, road and highway gratings, road drain, road grate, road grating, road-highway, round, round concentric circle grate, round drain cover, round metal drain damaged, slotted, slotted metal drain, small, star, stone

      Locations: Cork, Ireland, Lancaster, UK, Williamson, Williamson Park Lancaster UK, highway, park, road, uk

    • signs (17)
    • signs
    • Large and small highway signs, direction markers etc. The theme that links these is roads or highways. There is a separate category for other signs.

      Keywords: achtung, attention, b and b sign, back, back of highway sign, back of highway sign in ireland, black, black sign, botar pub sign, brandon creek road sign, brandon creek sign, damsean, direction sign, faded sign, falling rock sign, finger post, footpath marker, footpath sign, gaelic road sign, gallarus oratory sign, highway, highway sign, highway sign back, highway sign in ireland, hiking sign, hiking waymarker, home made sign, ireland, ireland road sign, ireland road signs, irish, irish road sign, irish road signs, islands sign, jetzt wenden, lancaster, large metal sign, no dogs sign, no parking, no swimming sign, park, path marker, rear of sign, rear of triangular road sign, rectangular, reverse, road, road sign in ireland, round, sign, sign back, sign rear, slea head drive sign, slea head road sign, stone carved sign, strong currents sign, tourist road sign ireland, trail marker, turn back sign, warning, williamson, yellow, yellow black sign, yellow black stripes

      Locations: Cork, Gallarus Oratory, Ireland, Lancaster, Slea Head drive, UK, Williamson Park, brandon creek

  • rust (6)
  • rust
  • Rust on steel, metal, nuts, bolts in equipment, cars and other locations.

    Keywords: construction, gate, metal, paint, plate, repair, rust, rust erupting through white paint, rusting, rusty, rusty nut in recess, steel, weld, welded, white

  • scanned images
    • paper (3)
    • paper
    • Paper scans showing various textures and finishes in assorted colours colors

      Keywords: Brown, bag, brown, brown paper bags with handles, fine, leather, leather texture, line, lines, lines texture, manila, manilla, pale, paper, parallel, texture

      Locations: scanned, studio

    • tickets, receipts (5)
    • tickets, receipts
    • Tickets and receipts high resolution scans of assorted train, tram, airline, rail and other tickets and receipts showing different formats, colors and typefaces. Scanned tickets.

      Keywords: Dublin, Dublin Luas ticket, Dublin Luas ticket back, Irish, Irish rail ticket, Luas, National gallery Dublin, back, back of Irish rail ticket, barcode, brown, face, front, gallery, high resolution scans, magnetic, rail, receipt, scan of ticket, scanned, scanned ticket, scanned tickets, stripe, ticket

      Locations: Dublin, Dublin Ireland, Ireland, scanned, studio

  • sequences images
    • excavator (3)
    • excavator
    • Sequence of mechanical excavator in action moving boulder in river

      Keywords: Hyundai, construction, excavator, excavator in action, highway construction, moving boulder, river, road, yellow

      Locations: Ireland, Timoleague

    • lookout tower (5)
    • lookout tower
    • Lookout tower situated on Valencia Island to the west of Ireland, located on a prominent headland, approached by a track winding up the steep hillside. Several photographs in a sequence showing the approach.

      Keywords: army, blue, coastal, distant, hillside, hilltop, isolated, lookout, lookout tower, military, road, sky, station, steep, summer, tower, track, watch tower, watchtower

      Locations: Ireland, Island, Valencia

    • ocean waves (4)
    • ocean waves
    • Keywords: breakers, breaking waves, breaking waves sequence, ocean, sea, waves

      Locations: Ardmore, Ardmore beach Ireland, Ireland

    • water eddies (4)
    • water eddies
    • Keywords: blue, current, dark, eddies, eddy, indigo, river, sequence, stills, swirl, water, whirlpool

      Locations: Cork, Ireland, Lee, River Lee Cork Ireland, river

    • mating swallows (5)
    • mating swallows
    • Keywords: birds mating on flagpole, flagpole mating birds, mating on flagpole, mating swallows, sequence swallows mating, sequences, swallows, violet green swallows mating

      Locations: Canada, Canadian Rocky mountains, Field, Field BC Canada, flag, flagpole, mountains, pole, rocky

    • approaching train (4)
    • approaching train
    • A sequence of four photographs showing the Rocky Mountaineer train passing the level crossing at Field, British Columbia, Canada.

      Keywords: BC, Canada, Canadian, Field, Field Canada, Mount, Mount Stephen, Mountaineer, Mountains, Rockies, Rocky, Rocky Mountaineer passes Field BC Canada, Stephen, car, carriage, crossing, level, level crossing, observation, tourist, train

      Locations: BC, Canada, Field, Field BC Canada

  • shopfronts (17)
  • shopfronts
  • Shop or store fronts, showing name and location in street or shopping mall. Tiendas de comistabiles, supermercados

    Keywords: 11, Charity, Help the Aged, ac, ac unit, aged, alimentacion, alimentacíon, aluminium, articulos de limpieza, arévalo, atencíon, awning, bar, beer, bird, black, blind, blue, bollards, bread shop, brown, carne de jabalí, carne de venado, cerveceria, charity, closed, converted, crossing, distribuidor de pinturas, doors, drogueria, drogueria tomate, drug, espana, ferreteria, fruit, fruteria, general store, goodwill, hairdresser, hay uvas del pueblo, help, house, laundrette, laundry, murphy, murphy's, noticias, nueva administracion horario continuado, oferta, pan, panaderia, paso sobreelvado, pavement, perfumeria, perfumeria y ferreteria, pigeon, pinturas, pub, road, roller, rural store, scene, shop, shuttered, shutters, sidewalk, small, spanish, stable door, steel grill, stone, store, street, supermarket, supermercado, supermercados hnos. Vazquez, tienda, tomate, unit, unity, vegetables, village, vino, washing

    Locations: Ballincollig, Constantina, England, Faro, Ireland, La Coruna, Lancashire, Lancaster, Manchester, Otley, Portugal, Rusholme, Spain, UK, Yorkshire, espana, españa, rural Ireland, spain

  • statues (23)
  • statues
  • Statue a carved or cast figure that may be a person or animal and is often larger than life size. Frequently placed in public places. Often stone or metal but can be any material.

    Keywords: 3, Cork, Onion, The Onion Seller, angel, angels, bird, bishop, breasts, bronze, bust, carving, church, cormorant, cormorant on rock, dancer, doorway, dove, face, female, frock coat, grave, gross, hair, hat, head, high, janus, lady, male, man, marble, metal, monument, nude, obese, old, old lady, onion, overweight, plinth, pope, rock, saints, seated, seller, shag, shag on rock, shawl, shield, side, sitting, skirt, slabs, slim, staff, standing, statue, statues, steps, stone, street, surfers, tall, three, white, windermere, windermere house, winged, wings, woman, women

    Locations: A Coruna, Ardmore, City, Compostela, Cork, Cork Ireland, Cork city Ireland, Dublin, England, Ireland, La Coruna, Lancashire, Middle street Lancaster UK, Morecambe, O'Connell St Dublin, O'Connell Street Dublin Ireland, Santiago, Santiago do Compostela, Spain, Tower of Hercules, UK, church, de, doorway, jetty, park, stone, stone jetty

  • surveillance (12)
  • "The UK has become a "surveillance society" with over 14 million CCTV cameras watching the population. Every citizen is photographed at least 300 times a day". A selection of obvious CCTV and other devices used to monitor the population, other hidden devices exist. These are watching me!

    Keywords: CCTV, bus, camera, cctv, cctv camera in uk rail station, in the UK a bus will have as many as 17 CCTV cameras, light, railway, sensor, station, surveillance, watching you, who watches the watchers

    Locations: Cork, Cork Ireland, Cork city, Ireland, Lancaster, UK, bus, uk

  • townscapes (4)
  • townscapes
  • Small towns, streets or houses showing details

    Keywords: brown, city, cobbled, cobbles, cross, old, public, scene, sets, setts, steps, stone, street

    Locations: Judge's, Lancaster, UK, england, house

  • transport images
    • airports (3)
    • airports
    • Airport collection of runways and buildings for the use of aircraft when taking off and landing together with associated facilities for passengers and baggage handling. Usually civil aviation.

      Keywords: Cork, airport, area, building, control, control tower, cork, from, gate, international, new, new terminal Cork airport, old terminal Cork airport, previous, runway, terminal, tower

      Locations: Cork, Cork airport, Cork international airport Ireland, Ireland, airport, international

  • vehicles images
    • construction vehicles (11)
    • construction vehicles
    • Heavy construction equipment and vehicles diggers, excavators, loading shovels, road and highway rollers, paving machines, dumper trucks.

      Keywords: TEREX, black, bucket, cab, cable, dumper, dumper truck, dumper truck rear, excavator, excavator arm, front view dumper truck, highway, hydraulic, lifting, loading, multi-purpose, rear, rear view dumper truck, road, road roller, roller, safety bar, shovel, special, teeth, terex, truck, vehicle, view, white, yellow

      Locations: A coruna, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland, La Coruna Spain, Lee, Lee fields Cork Ireland, River, River Lee Cork, UK

    • special vehicles (8)
    • special vehicles
    • Special vehicles large heavy equipment with a specific purpose such as vacuum trucks, drain clearing, highway paving, road making machine etc.

      Keywords: BB 630, Bitelli, clearing, discharge, drain, drains, dyno, dyno rod truck, highway paving machine, machine, rear, rear view, red, road laying, road machine machine, road maker, road making machine, rod, side view, spraying, tar, tar sprayer, tarmac layer, truck, vacuum, vacuum truck, vehicle, view, water

      Locations: Carrigrohane, Cork, Cork Ireland, County, Depot, Hall, Ireland, Road

    • tractors (4)
    • tractors
    • Tractor a powerful motorised vehicle, usually having large rear wheels and normally used on farms for hauling or pulling agricultural equipment such as ploughs. Tractor can also refer to the short front part of an articulated truck that consists of the motive power unit and drivers cab.

      Keywords: Small, agricultural, blue, corroded, corrosion, disused, farm, knackered, ocean, old, rusty, sea, tractor, trailer, worn, worn out

      Locations: Cork, Ireland, Knockadoon, airport, rural, rural Ireland

    • trucks (1)
    • trucks
    • Trucks are large wheeled vehicles, typically used for transporting goods; in North America they are often used by homeowners of acreages for hauling. In the UK railway cars for goods are termed trucks.

      Keywords: flatbed, lorry, truck, wagon, yellow

      Locations: Cork, Ireland

  • water images
    • beach (2)
    • beach
    • A selection of stock photo images of beach, sea, ocean.

      Keywords: beach, brown, ocean, sand, sea, tropical, wave, wave tropical beach

      Locations: NSW, australia

    • coast, coastal (18)
    • coast, coastal
    • Keywords: blue, breaker, breaking wave, brown, cliff, cliffs, cloud, coast, coastal, gray ocean, green, grey, grey sea, harbor wall, headland, horizon, keep out, land, ocean, rock, rocks, sage, sage green sea, sea, spray, wall, water coast and coastal, wave, waves, white

      Locations: Australia, Coruna, Ireland, Lancashire, New, Nz, Spain, Sydney, UK, Zealand, a, coruna

    • fast flowing (2)
    • fast flowing
    • Keywords: overflow, standing, standing wave, wave, weir

      Locations: Cork, Ireland, Lee, River, lower, lower weir Cork, river Lee Cork Ireland, weir

    • ocean, sea (7)
    • ocean, sea
    • Keywords: blue, horizon, ocean, ocean and sea, ocean horizon, open, sea, ship, ship on ocean, water

      Locations: Australia, England, Ireland, Lancashire, Spain, UK

    • reflections in water (31)
    • reflections in water
    • Keywords: blue, blue sky clouds and trees reflections, building, building reflected in water, building reflection, building reflections, buildings, cloud, cloud reflection, duck, duck reflection, forest, forest reflection, gray sea with mast reflections, green hill and clouds reflection, green water, grey, grey sea, harbor, harbor refections, harbour, hill, japanese garden reflection, lake, lake reflection, mast, masts, masts reflection, mill, mountain, mountain reflection, mountain reflections, mountains, mountains reflected in lake, nz, reflection, reflection of cloud and trees, reflection of tree, reflections, reflections in water, reflections of building, reflections of masts in harbour harbor, reflections of trees, ripples, ripples with reflection, rocky, rocky mountain reflections, sea, shallow lake, sky, snow capped mountains reflected in lake, sun off ripples, sun on ripples, sun reflection off water, sunlight, tree, tree reflection in water, tree reflections, trees, water, water reflections, yacht, yacht masts reflected in sea

      Locations: Alberta, Australia, Canada, Canadian Rocky mountains, Cork, Edmonton, Ireland, Jasper, Kinsale, Kinsale Ireland, Kinsale harbour Ireland, Lake, Lancaster, Lee, Morraine, Morraine lake Canada, NZ, Near, New Zealand, River, Rocky, Sydney, Sydney harbour Australia, UK, harbor Ireland, mountains, new, zealand

    • waterfalls (10)
    • waterfalls
    • Waterfall, water falls, a cascade of water falling from any height, usually when a river or stream flows over a steep incline or off a sharp edge.

      Keywords: 'icefield, 'mountain, 'partly, 'water, canyon, cascade, droplets, fall, fall', falls, falls', frozen, gorge, green, ice, icey, icy, meltwater, mist, mountain, rapids, river, rock, rocks, small, snow, steep, stream, stream', trees, water, waterfall, waterfall', waterfalls, white, winter

      Locations: Bow, Bow Falls Canada, Canada, Canadain Rockies, Falls, Rocky, falls, mountains, natural bridge, natural bridge with mount Stephen in background, near, near Emerald Lake Canada

    • white water (4)
    • white water
    • White water - fast flowing, over weirs, rocks and other obstacles

      Keywords: river, standing, standing wave, water, wave, waves, weir, white, white water, whitewater weir

      Locations: Cork, Cork Ireland, Ireland, Lee, River Lee, river













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